The smartest, easiest way to maintain your home

It's time to change the way we maintain our homes. Let's be proactive, avoid large, unexpected repairs, and increase your property value, all on one platform.

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What we DO

We use technology to provide you with the essential home maintenance you need.

From rooftop to sewer line, street curb to backyard, and everything in between, MyPM’s fully automated platform curates, procures, schedules, tracks, and records all of the essential home maintenance you need.

MyPM My Property Manager Home Maintenance Platform
Streamlined services

One platform for everything

MyPM eliminates the stress of coordinating the multiple services necessary to maintain your home, and makes sure you get them at the right price.

simplified payments

One invoice for all of your services

Pay one monthly electronic invoice instead of paying for each service with different payment methods at varying frequencies.

MyPM My Property Manager Home Maintenance Login Invoice/Payment
MyPM My Property Manager Home Maintenance Service Calendar
maintenance calendar

Automated scheduling & reminders

MyPM schedules your services for you, and reminds you when they're going to happen.

emergency contacts

Always there for you

Never scramble to figure out who to call in a maintenance or repair emergency as MyPM provides you with the contact information for your service providers, most of whom offer a discount to MyPM customers.

MyPM My Property Manager Home Maintenance Contacts Page
think long term

Make data driven decisions about your home

If the convenience of MyPM alone isn’t enough, consider the following as added benefits of having your home’s key maintenance records at your fingertips, without any of the hassle of documenting it yourself:


Prove the excellent condition of your home to prospective buyers, earning you top dollar at sale.


Proactively budget for system repairs and replacements rather than awaiting failure and emergency work.


Plan your next improvement project with confidence by knowing the condition of the rest of your home.

Service Packages

The Good Bones

Maintain the core elements of your home.

The Aesthetics

Streamline seasonal services and boost curb appeal.

The Set it & Forget It

Take full advantage of MyPM's services.
You may also select The Create Your Own package, which allows you to choose your own services!

*Denotes a service that’s coming soon

MyPM My Property Manager Home Maintenance Local
About US

Our mission is to increase your home's value and take the 'ow' out of homeownership.

Homeownership is extremely rewarding. However, properly caring for your most valuable asset can be frustrating and feel like a full time job. With a long history in property management, the MyPM team knows what it takes to preserve and increase the value of real estate. We are here to apply the same strategies the pros do to the management of your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Not only is it one of the most common causes of price reduction during sale, but it helps eliminate unexpected repairs and emergency needs.

Let’s ensure that the price you sign your future sales agreement for is the price you close with by properly caring for your systems during your ownership.

No. A home warranty company issues you a policy that claims to cover system failures. What you’ll likely find is that these companies are in the business of collecting premiums and denying repair claims. 

We’re not here to provide a false sense of security for when things go wrong. We’re here to help prevent them from going wrong in the first place by providing the ongoing maintenance you need.

As every home is different, each home’s maintenance costs will be different. If you send us some basic information by clicking ‘Get Started’, we will provide you with a price shortly thereafter.

We hire and pre-approve the most reputable local service providers to perform MyPM’s curated scope of services. 

Trust, reliability, quality of service, and cost effectiveness are required to perform service for MyPM.

No problem! During our on-boarding process, we’ll give you the opportunity to introduce us to any of your current service providers so we may offer them a chance to become pre-approved, join the MyPM platform, and continue to service your home.

For now, you have to be home to let the service providers in during your scheduled maintenance. If there is a conflict, we’ll be able to resolve it simply through our scheduling module.

That said, in the future we may be coming up with something to cure this pain point as well!

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